Kenway's Story

Kenway is the legacy we honor.


In June of 2011, Animal Control Officer Sherry DeGenova received a call regarding a dog that was found along a set of railroad tracks. When she arrived at the scene she noticed a black plastic garbage bag saturated from the puddle that surrounded it. While approaching the garbage bag it suddenly moved and when she opened the bag she was instantly brought to her knees…a lifeless, abused, neglected, emaciated and innocent soul was found clinging to life. A gentle soul thrown out like garbage and left for dead.

Their eyes made a connection and he was pleading for her help. She immediately scooped Kenway up and drove to the vet as fast as humanly possible. Kenway was placed on IV fluids, body warmers and all of the necessary medical assistance to facilitate his recovery.

The sad reality is that Kenway didn’t make it.

Unfortunately this type of abuse is seen way too often and in many instances these poor innocent souls don’t stand a chance at survival.

The passing of Kenway has left a lasting impression on all of us but most of all Sherry.

In his honor she named him Kenway which means Brave Warrior. You see the reality is, Kenway fought very hard to live. The condition he was found in showed he fought every day - he had mange, was deprived of food, water, shelter, vetting and most of all love and affection. He was an adult dog that resembled the size of a puppy. His breed was almost unrecognizable but he was a pit bull mix. 




This is our core group that give of their time and hearts in support of Kenway's mission.


Sherry DeGenova, Hartford Animal Control Officer

Renee DiNino, Media Relations

Laurel Cox, Treasurer

Shannon Lewie, Volunteer Coordinator

Jody Smaglis, Events Coordinator


Kenway's Cause supports adoptive families and rescue organizations should a dog adopted from the shelter have pre-existing medical conditions or even behavior issues. Our goal is to provide relief to help with treatment and/or rehabilitation. And last but certainly not least,  Kenway’s Cause donations allow us to provide medical care for dogs that need immediate treatment while in the shelter or would otherwise be euthanized. We have paid for emergency surgeries, x-rays, ultrasounds, various tests and different forms of treatment. The City does not pay for the immediate medical attention and treatment many of these dogs require so the only option prior to the existence of Kenway’s Cause was to euthanize them.

Kenway's Cause provides support for the dogs at the City of Hartford Animal Shelter. We are determined to do whatever we can in the best interest of these dogs.  The City of Hartford Animal Shelter is a high kill shelter giving each dog only 10 days to find a forever home or they are euthanized.

Kenway’s Cause donations are used to provide the dogs with necessary items during their stay at the shelter. All of these dogs are picked up off the streets of Hartford as “strays”. Most of them have never known the kindness of a human, a regular meal or the warmth of a bed. For many, they are being given their first bone, first toy, first kiss and first belly rub while at the shelter. We become so attached to each and every dog that comes through the shelter. They are each given a name, bio, picture, video and most of all the chance they deserve. 

We like to think of their stay in the shelter as their transition time but the reality is that the shelter environment is scary for them. Anything we can do to ease their anxiety while they await their fate is the least we can do

Kenway’s Cause is a 501c3 non-profit organization