UPDATE:  Bob has gone to his forever home!!  Happy life Bob!!


Meet Bob!  Bob was pulled out of a feral cat colony in Hartford because there was a concern this was a pregnant female.  Upon closer observation, it was apparent Bob was just a hefty boy!  But what was also apparent was this was no feral cat.  He is a sweet and friendly guy who shouldn't be on the streets.  We got him to our vet where he was checked out, vaccinated and neutered.  He is currently staying with the woman who feeds his former colony.  She's taking care of him while we find the perfect family for him!  She reports that he loves to just chill out and lounge around in the sun.  He's a great cuddler and will put his front legs around your neck and hug you!  Bob is fine around other cats, but he is not a fan of the canines so a home with no dogs would be ideal!  Bob would just like to find a warm and comfy place to call home and leave his street days behind him!