Hi, my name is Bridgette and I am about a year old.  I am so lucky to be a Kenway's Cause dog.  Do you want to know why?  First, because when I came to the shelter ACO Sherry understood right away that I am deaf and desperately needed guidance.  She found a foster family for me that knows how special deaf dogs are and could teach me signs and train me.  Secondly, even though my Foster Mom took me right away to get my vaccinations, I already had Parvovirus.  I was sick for 6 days in the hospital and Kenway's Cause made sure I had the best care.  I am back with my Foster family now.  I am crate trained.  I am still working on my potty training.  I love water and my Foster Dad got me a doggy pool.  I am a good swimmer and my Foster family has taken me swimming which I love.  I love hiking also but my most favorite thing to do is be with my humans!  I am still getting used to car rides but as long as my people are around I am a happy girl.  

And the best news is I have found my forever home!  My foster family has decided they cannot live without me!  Now on to happily ever after!