This gorgeous guy was found injured in Hartford.  He has an injury to his rear paw and his tail.  Cappy will be staying at the vet for a while.  They feel they can save his paw with soaks, wraps, and meds.  There are no broken bones in his foot at all, not even his toes...AMAZING!  His tail is broken and will need to be removed as he can't move it and it would cause him problems in the future. They do not want to remove it now as they want to focus on his foot, getting him hydrated, and putting some weight on him.  He is negative for all cat diseases (phew!).  We will continue to post updates on Cappy's progress. 



Cappy Update 8/13/205


Great News!  Cappy finally got to leave the vet today!  After nine long days of hospitalization, daily paw soaks/bandaging, an abscess that popped up on his other paw, tail amputation, and neuter - this poor guy is now in foster!  The Vet Tech who had been taking care of him told us if she could have a cat "he would be the one".  He would rest his head on her shoulder every day while she soaked his paw - NOT something a typical cat would do but clearly Cappy knew he was being helped.  We look forward to getting to know this guy.  The worst is behind him and he deserves a wonderful home!  Once he is healed he will be available for adoption.  You're a good boy Cappy!



Cappy Update 9/22/2015


We are very happy to announce Cappy is officially ready for adoption!  He is our sweet little guy that was found horribly injured in Hartford.  We don't know what happened to him.  What we do know is that when we picked him up there was bone coming through his back foot and his tail was in bad shape.  Fortunately, we were able to save his leg but unfortunately we were not able to save his tail.  He is a great boy between 10 months to 12 months of age.  He is extremely playful and very affectionate.  He can get overstimulated, as some cats do, and give those love bites that may be a little bit too hard for small kids.  He has a heart full of love and he has overcome so much!  He is neutered and vaccinated.  His adoption fee is $85.00  If you are interested in meeting him, please email



Cappy Update 9/27/2015


We are very happy to announce Cappy has been ADOPTED!!  We are so happy he has gone to his forever home and can live happily ever after!!!