Recently Kenway's witnessed a young cat who was the victim of a horrible case of abuse.  She got in the middle of a domestic case and the man in the home hung her from a door knob by a shoestring because he was mad at his girlfriend.  Thankfully, the police were called, the man was arrested and he is currently in jail.  The cat who was named Dolce, came into the hospital with no body temperature, a bruised lung, and hemorrhaging eyes.  It was very touch and go but we are happy to report that she is doing much better.  She is a survivor.  We all need to fight for stricter laws on animal cruelty.  The only reason this man is in jail is because he had warrants.  Please keep Dolce in your thoughts for a continued recovery.  


Animal Control Officer and our founder, Sherry DeGenova, was at the scene of the incident.  Click here to hear her interview and to find out more about helping to fight animal abuse.