Won't you please help us?

The city of Hartford neglected, abused, and abandoned animals deserve a second chance at life.

Someday every dog and cat will have a loving home and will never know abuse, hunger or torment, our mission is to help fullfill this dream. But this dream requires funds to fix the broken bones, heal the injuries, cure the infections and lift the spirits that months and years of neglect have inflicted on these innocent creatures. Kenway's Cause is a 501(c)(3) organization and relies upon private donations to continue its mission.


Over the past 6 years Kenway's Cause has provided over $200,000 in medical care through donations from people like you. People who care about the innocent animals and look forward to that day when every dog and cat lives with love and kindness.

Please know that 100% of every dollar donated goes straight to the care of the animals!


You can donate using PayPal below or by sending a check to:


   Kenway's Cause, Inc.

P.O.Box 935
   Windsor, CT  06095


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