Hi, my name is Donovan and I am about 8 months of age.  I have had a pretty rough start in my young life.  I was recently hit by a car and I had a badly broken femur.  Fortunately, my friends at Kenway's Cause paid for my surgery and I am expected to make a full recovery.  Due to the severity of the break and my young age, it is imperative that it heals correctly as it is still growing, just like the rest of me!  My foster family is making sure I do my physical therapy and short, slow walks.  I had a follow up with my surgeon who thinks I am doing good but I still have a ways to go.  Luckily, I have a fabulous foster family who takes great care of me and makes sure I get my rest.  I don't even mind my surgical "onesie"!  Keep checking back to keep updated on my progress!! 


Update:  I continue to do well thanks to my foster family making sure I do my water therapy!  And the best news?  My foster family decided they could not live without me so I am HOME!