UPDATE:  Drum roll please!  Emma has been adopted!  What a long road for this girl, remember what she looked like at the pound?  She's come a long way since the days when she had demodectic mange.  Her foster family took SUCH good care of her and sure enough she turned out to be the beauty we all knew she was!  Her new Mom saw her on Facebook and fell in love immediately!  She reports that Emma is like her little shadow and follows her everywhere, so she had to get her a dog bed for every room!  Happy life sweet Emma, you deserve it sweetheart!


Say hello to Emma!  Emma isn't really a "new" Kenway's dog, she juist hasn't been posted because she's been battling one heck of a case of demodex mange.  So where has she been hiding?  In her wonderful foster home where she is getting the best of care!  Emma is formerly Bethany who came in to the Hartford pound the end of August.  She was found on the streets with patchy fur, open sores and scabs.  While someone saw her picture and wanted to help, once they adopted her they decided they could not commit themselves to the care she needed so we took custody of her and a foster familty that has helped with SO many dogs took her in.  Emma's recovery has been slow but steady.  Due to her condition, the vet did not want to spay her until she was all healed up - which we are happy to announce - is now!  So enough with her history, Emma says the past is the past and let's focus on her fabulous personality.  Her foster family says the word "perfect" pretty much sums her up.  With four dogs of their own and a long list of fosters they have helped - they say she is the most well behaved dog they have ever had.  Quite the compliment!  Emma is gentle, mellow, affectionate and so sweet.  She gets along fabulously with the other dogs and adores kids.  And look at how beautiful she looks!  We always knew she was a pretty girl and that jaws would drop when her beautiful coat came in and we were right!  Look at these before and after pics!  Emma will be spayed soon and will be available for adoption.  We just wanted to get her gorgeous mug out there as a little sneak preview!  If you are interested in Emma, please email kenwayscause@aol.com for an application.  Her adoption fee will be $250.00 and a home visit will be required.