Jody Smaglis


Hi, I am Jody Smaglis and ever since I can remember I have had a passion for animals that grew stronger with each passing year.  I didn’t just have dogs and cats growing up, we had all kinds of animals. I will always remember my pet chicken, Bertha. She slept on the back porch every night and I spent my time hunting down worms and bugs for her to enjoy!

I was eighteen when I rescued MY first dog. I went to look at a dog I had heard needed a home. I arrived at the property and found a Chow in a 5x5 pen with no shelter and no food dishes. There was a freezing cold rain and he looked a bit wild. The owner called him Warlock.  I was unsure if I should take him.  I left without him and drove home. As I was driving it started to rain even harder. I couldn’t get him out of my mind. I phoned and said “I am coming back for him”. He said sure for $100.  I said would you take a check, he said NO. I stopped at the ATM and got $100 (which was a lot to an 18 yr old). As soon as I got him in the back of my car, he leaned up against the window and let out a huge sigh. He slept in my bed that night with his head on my pillow, he owned me for 14 wonderful years.

One day I saw a post on Facebook looking for someone to enter the Hartford pups on Adopt A Pet. When I went to add the first dog it asked for the name, the dogs didn’t have names only their intake numbers.  I started naming these beautiful pups and getting involved in helping them find their forever homes. I am now the event coordinator for Kenway’s Cause. Raising money to help dogs and cats in need of medical attention and care. There are always tears of joy and tears of heartache but there is nothing more rewarding than helping these shelter pups.