Laurel Cox


Hi, I'm Laurel Cox and I have always felt a special connection with animals.  I learned at a very young age the unconditional love, trust and comfort they can provide.  I have always gravitated towards the hard luck cases, the ones that nobody wanted.  As an adult that passion only blossomed and I have made it my mission to help these animals.  I have been involved in the rescue community for 10+ years, with the last 3 primarily being focused on the animals at the City of Hartford Animal shelter.  I have opened my home to a myriad of animals over the years, all having special needs.  Seniors, amputees, blind, deaf, kidney failure, cancer – they have all found their way to my home to live out the duration of their life knowing love and care.  I have learned so much from the strength and courage these animals have shown.

Kenway’s Cause is a dream come true, as I can now be part of an organization that helps the Hartford strays in need of urgent medical care making sure they receive it and can go on to get a second chance at life and the home they deserve.

I reside in Windsor, CT with my husband, who also shares my passion, our current 4 special needs dogs and 2 rescue chinchillas.