Hi, Paddy here!  Although now my name is Addy, short for Addison.  Most of you probably remember me.  I was hit by a car around Saint Patricks day and needed surgery on BOTH of my back legs.  It was a ruff recovery but I have the best Foster Mom and Dad in the whole entire world.  They've been so patient with me and have done a great job with my physical therapy at home.  I have had a follow up x-ray and a visit with the physical therapist and they say I am doing GREAT and can start water therapy soon.  But guess what?   That's not the only good news!  I don't think my Foster Mom and Dad are going to be my Foster Mom and Dad anymore...because they want to be my FOREVER Mom and Dad!!  I'm so happy because I love them so much and they have helped me gain my strength and have spoiled me rotten!