Porsha is our special little girl from the Hartford pound. While she is a fantastic people dog, she is wary of other dogs and gets very scared/defensive if they approach her. She is currently in a foster home with other dogs but they are kept separated while they continue to work on her dog socialization skills but for right now the best thing for Porsha would be to find a foster or forever home with no other animals. She loves to meet new people and always has a smile on her face when she does. Porsha is such a cuddle bug! She just wants to be near people. Porsha is working hard on her dog skills. In addition to her individual walks she is now taking walks with the two other dogs in the home and has been doing well. She is great walking on a leash. Overall she is just fantastic! She is great in the house, doesn't chew or get into things. She is learning to play with toys and “fetch”. She is really good with "drop it". She is not a jumper or beggar, she smiles and wiggles her entire back end anytime someone comes in the door.
Porsha is approximately 2 years old. She has been completely vetted. She would do best with older kids (10+). If you are interested in fostering her, we do provide our fosters with all supplies needed. If you are interested in adopting Porsha, her adoption fee is $250. Please email kenwayscause@aol.com.