Renee DiNino


Hi, I'm Renee DiNino board member and one of five founders of Kenway's Cause Inc. I've also been invovled with Connecticut Media for 26 years and bring a unique perspective of PR & Media experience to our group as our Communications, Marketing and Media specialist.

Animals have always been a passion for me and a part of my life! I can't remember a time when I haven't had a wagging tail in my life!

From the moment I started my on air career, pet rescue has been a number one priority. In addition to Kenway's Cause our group works in conjunction with the Connecticut Coalition for Children and Animals, understanding the link between family violence and animal abuse. Our message is loud and clear and reaching the people of Connecticut! Adopt or rescue your pet and create a safe environment for pets and children!

All of my pets from childhood to now have been through a rescue or shelter including my current loves Daisy Mae and Luciano, "Luke". I've never had easy dogs or the dogs you see in the movies, I seem to get the pups that need a bit of extra attention or come from extreme abuse and need to live a different lifestyle with peace and love.

That's just fine with me, because I need them as much as they need me!

My Daisy Mae, a Shep/Malamute mix, was truly my biggest challenge, overcoming horrific abuse from drug dealers, total facial reconstruction and detoxing from massive amounts of drugs. She changed my approach on air and thoughts about how to reach people and spread the message that animal abuse must be stopped and laws must be stricter and changed.

Kenway's Cause has allowed me to be a part of an amazing group of women who have the same goal and they continue to teach me about the world of rescue. We're able to save dogs and cats and fight the fight for those who cannot speak. Hopefully along the way we inspire others to do the same and someday we'll see a better world and life for our furry friends.

xo Renee