Shannon Lewie


Hi, I'm Shannon Lewie board member and one of five founders of Kenway's Cause Inc. I've been involved with Animal Rescue for just over 7 years and bring a strong passion for helping animals in need. I feel it is equally important to spread awareness and educate the community.

I am a wife and mother of 3 beautiful children and 4 amazing dogs. All of my animals have been rescued. As an only child, my childhood was most notably shaped by the love and companionship of my animals. They have taught me to love unconditionally and speak for those without a voice. Animals have a way of giving back with their simple presence and I am forever grateful to have this constant gift.

I couldn't do what I do without the support of my family and the ladies of Kenway's Cause. Life has a strange way of working it's magic and the making of Kenway's Cause is no exception.

As one of the founders I have been blessed with the opportunity to witness the formation of this amazing rescue. We formed something that means so much to each one of us and with that you have the fabric of Kenway's Cause: passion, pride, love and devotion.