Sherry DeGenova


HI, I’m Sherry DeGenova, a board member and founder of Kenway’s Cause Inc.

I have been involved in the animal field for over 30 years. My experiences range from veterinary technician, groomer, boarding kennel manager, kennel management instructor, certified professional dog trainer to where I am today as an animal control officer.  My passion and compassion for animals has been a part of me since I was a young child.

I remember my first “big” rescues that I brought home, was a kitten I found in a box left at a local corner store and a black crow I found at the end of my street with a broken wing which I rehabilitated in a cage I built and it eventually was able to fly again.

My stories of rescues are endless. There is no animal I wouldn’t help. I always knew my “calling in life” would be working with animals and I never dreamt of doing anything else. I remember as a young child, knowing I wanted to be an animal control officer in a big city and have my own animal rescue.

These dreams have come true! I feel I have what “I” call, “animal magnetism”. I am drawn to them as they are to me. I truly feel I am the voice for the ones that cannot speak. My goal as not only an animal control officer but as a member of Kenway’s Cause is to reach out and educate people on proper pet ownership and care. To fight daily to stop animal neglect and abuse and to be the person that anyone in the community can turn to for advice or help with their animals and know that I will do what I can to provide them with the needs they are looking for.

I want the community to know, I do what I do because I truly care.